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Scholarships - Korea Foundation

An undoubtedly huge factor in anyone's decision to go to grad school, I am in the process of researching what options are available for runts like me who have a huge passion but without the financial backings to pursue my passion. Like all fields of study, Korean studies programs of each respective university have their own in-house grant and scholarship program. In addition to that, a big name I keep seeing is the Korea Foundation.

Apparently, they focus on funding international students for Korean studies programs so long as the university is located outside of Korea. Curious. A question was raised on their website that sounds a bit familiar:

Currently I'm studying in Yousei korean language institute. After finishing studying, im planning to apply graduate school in Korea. The major would be related to Korean studies. im wondering is there any scholarship program that can support me to study graduate school in Korea? Thank you for answering my question. Look forward to your replying. Have a great day!
and their answer:

Thank you for your interest in the Korea Foundation.
Unfortunatly, the Foundation discontinues its Fellowship Program especially for foreign students studying as a Master's or doctoral candidates in Korea from this year. We just support graduate students who study Korea-related subject overseas. Sorry about it. Please let me know by e-mail( if you have further inquiries. - Fellowship Program Department
also from their website confirming this:

Unfortunately, however, we do not provide scholarships to foreign students pursuing degrees in Korea. Why don't you visit the website of the National Institute for International Education, ? They have a Korean Government Scholarship Program for the students like you [American student wanting Korean degree in Korea]
from the University of Chicago website:

The Korea Foundation provides many funding opportunities to assist talented graduate students, researchers, and professionals in Korean Studies with funding for coursework, research, and curriculum development. Fellowships are available for both research and intensive language study. For more information about any of these opportunities, go to
Fellowship for Field Research: Supports prominent scholars and professionals to undertake field research in Korea.
Fellowship for Korean Language Training: Provides language training in Korea to overseas Korean-language instructors, graduate students, and professionals in Korea-related fields.
Graduate Studies Fellowship: designed to assist talented graduate students in Korean studies with scholarships for coursework and/or research.
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Provides recent PhD graduates of Korean studies with research opportunities under the affiliation of accredited overseas research institutes or universities.
Support for Instructional Materials Development Program: Supports the development of audiovisual/multimedia materials as well as educational books that will be used in Korean studies classes at all levels.

But the really juicy piece of information I stumbled upon came from the University of Michigan's website:

Korea Foundation Graduate Fellowships - Deadline : February 15, 2010
Korea Foundation Graduate Fellowships provide full funding to graduate students at the doctoral level. The fellowships will be awarded to incoming and continuing professional school students at the University of Michigan who expect to focus their graduate work on Korea. By nomination of departments or schools, fellowship awards up to $50,000 will be given to two eligible incoming and/or continuing students in Korean Studies.To learn more about the fellowships, please click here.  
Recipients receive full tuition, mandatory fees, and a stipend during the first year from the Center for Korean Studies, and the nominating departments provide the remaining years of support for the following four years.
Finally, and mostly of all, eligibility and other information direct from the horse's mouth. Food for thought.


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