Sunday, December 6, 2009

University of Washington - Jackson School of International Studies

An American university might be the way to go. But I still have too many questions for my own good - when and where? Allow me to introduce one of them - the Center for Korean Studies at the University of Washington - Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

My only frustration is that I can't seem to find out how much the program costs. I imagine it's comparable to other university programs but as the title of the blog indicates, finances are a deciding factor. Their website has helped to put me in the right direction.


DaraMac said...

The Jackson School does have a great reputation for international studies and UW Seattle is a gorgeous place to study. Thats where I went to school. As for the dept., the Jschool seems to be listed under general departments and wil most likely have the same tuition as other graduate programs, although admisson is a little different. As for funding, if you are studying a language which is underrepresented among studying Americans, like Korean, Chinese, Farsi, Urdu etc. the government and other foundations have scholarships that favor these languages. Some even require study abroad! but some require government service after, like the Boren scholarship.
So anyway you've probably already heard about funding options but I just wanted to say really cool. I'm not good enough for Jackson School yet, but maybe some day. Until that day, I'm off to Korea again. :) Good luck and have fun studying!

Matthew Smith said...

@DaraMac - Thanks so much for the very useful comment! I have been looking more and more at UW Seattle as it has such an enticing program. I would like to learn more about funding and such (who qualifies, how to apply, what expenses are covered, how long, etc). Anyways thanks again and please feel free to comment again anytime!

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