Thursday, November 12, 2009

University Options

Back in June, I wrote about grad school. It was my first attempt to find a place to study. Where could I even study? What programs are available? Below is my original post:
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Ink isn't even dry on my undergrad diploma and I'm considering graduate school. I mean, I should of course pursue higher education, but with all that's on my plate right now do I really need to be thinking about getting up and going for seconds?

I've got such a sizable student debt that it's baffling to think of doing anything other than working, but I know that I want to get as much formal education as quickly as possible while I'm young. But, looking at my tentative plans, it won't be for quite some time that I'm in a place to actually pursue a graduate degree. But, I need to keep my options open, right?

Needless to say, history is a passion. Korea is a passion. Korean history therefore is like chocolate covered pizza. So what are those sweet sweet options? A quick Google search yields:

- University of Hawaii - Manoa has a Korean Studies program. The classes offered sound incredibly exciting.
- Another America-based university University of Washington has an enticing program.
- IIC seems to have a program, too. But California....come on... might as well just go to UCLA instead...
- UPDATE: Great list of American options

- Yonsei has a program that looks to be quite competitive. The classes offered are making my mind drool.
- Korea University has a program, but I can't find much information on it.
- Good ol' Ewha has a program. Interesting. Wonder if they'll let a foreign guy attend that program, too?

- Australia seems to have a respectable program. I like their free podcast lecture series. Nicely done.
- Here's an exhaustive list, it seems. Will peruse later. (alt link)
- AATK might be able to point me into the right direction
- If all else fails, AAS might just have the right info for me. Wouldn't hurt to join, either.

I know that I would like to get a few years in Korea under my belt before delving into graduate studies. I also know that Korean language proficiency is one of my absolute goals right now and that very little else should be tackled until that happens...which prudently speaking won't happen for at least another three years. Plus, all of the programs require a certain level of language competency and I would like to have that part of my studies already taken care of (by and large). Either way, I'd prefer taking the classes in Korea, but I'd probably have a better chance at getting accepted in an American school. 흠.

I've got a lot of time to think about it, but I need to be prepared for the future. For now, it's just spitballing.
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Funny how little has changed. To expand, I'd like to get a little more specific on a few universities. Until then, it's still just a pipe dream. But a good one at that.


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