Monday, February 22, 2010

Korean History Journals

When it comes to my history of learning about Korea, I started lowtech by just listening to stories from family and friends about grandpa in the Korean War, my friend's mom making 김치 and of course those curious little rods of rice wrapped in seaweed from my buddy at my nanny's house when I was four years old. When I got older, I found some compelling articles from Korean newspapers and eventually a few interesting blogs that were written quite informally and oftentimes turned into mouthpieces of aggression and frustration. I then moved on to Korean culture overview books found at Barnes and Noble near my apartment in college. Once I thumbed through a few a got more specific and ventured into topics I didn't really know much about.

I would say that I'm only slightly above this stage now. I've amassed a decent collection but true knowledge isn't based on my accessibility of books and being able to read quickly. My next step is to get into academia. It's a bit intimidating seeing as how they can be a bit dry at times (not to mention lengthy). Nonetheless, I am genuinely interested in learning more and a few journals would certainly compliment my current hunger for printed material. First things first, what is out there? UPDATE: added three more.
If I'm missing any, please let me know!


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