Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A new blog and a new beginning. It's about time.

This blog is highly inspired by this blog by Korean Studies graduate students at George Washington University. Although I'm not nearly at the stage of editing and revising wikipedia entries, I hope that through this blog I can chart my progress.

This blog won't be as broad spectrum as An Acorn in the Dog's Food or even my culture blog at KC101. Also, it won't be as specific as DPRK Studies. I would like to make it similar to Frog in a Well but obviously updated a bit more frequently.

Ultimately, I want this blog to be a place where I can write about what I've learned recently from reading as well as link to recent book reviews related to Korean History and Korean Studies in general. I hope through this blog I can post some things I've learned and link to some awesome articles I've read recently.

Anyways, I hope to use this dedicated space to prepare myself for the rigors of graduate study despite the fact that it seems like it will be forever before I can commit myself to such a formal study. More money more problems? At this point I'll take the more problems...

Before I get into any new posts, I'm going to repost and slightly edit some old posts from my previous blog. Enjoy.


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