Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I originally came across Konrad's blog through his efforts over at Frog in a Well, a collaborative history blog with dedicated entries for Korea, China and Japan. Normally I just read the Korean posts and I also make it a point to read the comments. Through a five part series he published, he caught my attention:
Early Western Perceptions of Koreans: Part I
Early Western Perceptions of Koreans: Part II
Early Western Perceptions of Koreans: Part III
Early Western Perceptions of Koreans: Part IV
Early Western Perceptions of Koreans: Part V

I would guess that most readers would not find his blog not extraordinary. It's a modest personal blog of a graduate student of East Asian history. What gets me is that he is very detailed about his research methods and writes down his thought process meticulously. Fortunately for me, I'm in a position to learn a lot from people who are in MA and PhD programs and Konrad's blog fits the bill to a T. One really gets a vicarious feeling from his frustrated posts about language study, sifting through archives in a Chinese library, finding a good program to organize pdfs for the dreaded dissertation and his helpful experiences as a Teaching Assistant. Notable posts include his: 2007 year in review, how to organize a jungle of pdfs, his thoughts on Hanja, Making choices in research methods, a great account of Foreigner Shock Meltdown, a nice background on the Seodaemun Prison Museum (서대문형무소 역사관),  faults of Archive Digitization, a surprising account of Anti-Korean sentiment in Taiwan, an entertaining post on code-switching, a three-part series on organizing information for dissertation writing, a new-fangled timesaving device known as a PDF scanner, and a little about his oral (general) exams. Thank you for blogging.

Kind readers, if there are any other blogs of this nature, for the love, share them.
UPDATE: Prison Notebooks will do nicely.


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