Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Link Dump

This won't always be a feature so don't fret if link dumps aren't your thing.  Relax and click away:

Ask A Korean has a word or two about the recent announcement of Korean and Japanese scholars issuing a joint statement on history. His English translation is well worth reading. (read more)

Respected, if not occasionally controversial, journalist Michael Breen getting sued by Samsung for an apparent libel Christmas joke. (read more)

Thoughts on ActiveX the Joseon Dynasty (read more)

Korean economy is good in Q2 (read more)

I'm pretty sure I'd fail this test (read more)

Some young Korean woman like foreign men. In other news, water is wet. (read more)


Jonathan Dresner said...

I doubt you'd fail, really. Nobody can completely and definitively answer these questions, I know this, at least not in a short essay based on a semester study. (You should see my World History questions!) What I want to see is a solid attempt, based on the material we read and discussed, showing that the student has given it real thought and considered as much of the relevant evidence as we have before us. I want to see historical judgement and a nuanced understanding of the issues. And I want the questions to not be boring, both for them and for me.

Matthew Smith said...

Actually, the questions are plenty interesting however, based on a combination of lack of confidence and humbleness, I would probably not score the highest on it. That wouldn't stop me from doing my best on it though ^^

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